WK: Dom.By.Design Presents Behind The Painting Featuring LB199x

FullSizeRender 22

Watch as artist Dominique Silva A.K.A Domo takes to the canvas again in his latest piece to the “The Paperbag Project.” This time he is adding emerging hip hop artist LB199x to the collection. LB199x, discusses his ideas on Racism, Power, Police Gang Activity, and how he feels about the idea of the Black Man in America.

The Paperbag Project started as an outlet for the, Orlando transient, to release his feelings. It was away for him to keep his composure through the bag, however in contrast the overall painting shows the truths and realities that the bag hides. It allows you to open your mind to the idea, that we all have similar feelings. We may differ in features, but in reality we are each others mirrors. Watch now and drop a comment below!

One of Domo’s most notable pieces still has to be his Outkast “Stankonia” album custom piece for 104.5 The Beats “Hungry For Hip Hop.”

FullSizeRender 21

“Everybody has a story, I just feel that me having a better understanding of that, helps me get the best piece of art.”

– @Dom.ByDesign

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