Release Radar:  Every week we’ll bring you the best sounds to check as they come across our radar. This weeks list features a few new cats, some old heads, and everything in between. Listen now!

 The Cool Ass Neighbor Kid


Mac Miller’s Divine Feminine is so different, listening is essential. It is unexpected. And GREAT. The quick lipped rapper opts for a smoother sound on this album. It’s almost like he’s in love or something.  Jazz and gospel intersperse the record, making the whole vibe feel familiar, and just consistently interesting to listen to. The content is all original, although, we could swear, “Stay”sounds just like a Chicago Sing-Rapper you might have heard of before. The mix of sound is even, with features like Ty Dolla $ign and Anderson Paak bringing it full circle, and making it appealing to almost everyone. It’s smooth, but gives a nod to all different genres of hip-hop, new and old. If you were a fan ofsongslike Rearview and Euphoria from Watching Movies, you’ll probably hit repeat all a couple times for this 10 track LP. It’s short but, it’ll be the most well tracked 53 minutes of your day for sure. Release Date: Sept 16, 2016, 12am. 


The One You’ve Never Heard Of

Recently, the anniversary of the death of Aaliyah came and went. The R&B Princess left her mark on the genre forever, and inspired countless singers to come. Her influence can be easily noted on London artist N.A.O’s album For All We Know, which dropped quietly on Apple Music a little over a month ago. N.A.O is the readl deal when it comes to old school R&B. From her voice to her beats, the sound takes you BACK, to days of crop tops and Hilfiger Jeans. The album is good enough to make you want to keep tabs on her.  Release Date: July 29, 2016

The One You’re Tired of Hearing 

Kid Cudi has made a lot of noise this week. A lot of the noise came right back. But more on that later, from our editor. Amidst the catfighting (The Real Hurt Boys of Hip-Hop coming to MTV this fall),no one seems to remember that Cudi is actually dropping an album soon. On his Twitter he promised an 18 track double-album, that’s “Well over 1hr 30min” in his own words.Admittedly, Kudi is dope, a pioneer in his own right, so listening is a must. It might be a bit bizarre, but at the very least, put some respeck on his name.
Expected Release Date: September/October 2016 

The One You Haven’t Heard In A Minute

Guess who’s back! Crazy-assDanny Brown. The Detroit rapper whose personality is half the package, is making a comeback with his upcoming album Atrocity Exhibition. Check outthis NPR interview that’s making it’s rounds on the blogs. It features a sneak peak of  a new track, “Rolling Stone” right after the 26 min mark. The single is  off of the upcoming album.

Expected Release Date:  Sept 30, 2016


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