WK: Stream LB199x’s Debut Project “Higher Art” (Listen Now)

ArtWork By: Dom.By.Design


We opened the door to Studio 18, a staple music house in Orlando culture, and the first person I see is my homie ChessMoves. A refreshing site to see, and always inspired by his hustle. We immediately exchange, and I begin to tell him about my excitement for the project, and growth I have seen in LB. This would be the first time I hear the project in its entirety, along side other industry media and artist in the city. LB stood confident and full of excitement to show off his hardworking, and creativity for his official listening session.

From the time we met, a few years ago over some grub at Bentos, LB has stayed focus on delivering, and giving his all to his artistry. At our first meeting he looked me in the eyes and said “I am here to work and perfect my craft and tell my message,” and after listening to this project that is exactly what he is had done. This debut project is a  representaion of a collective. Including features with Bria Zhanae, Marcellus Juvann, Gabrielle Victoria, and even down to the artwork by Dom.By.Design.

 The Ep is bold, eye opening, and a excellent body of attention grabbing consciousness. With Honesty and Truth, LB has taken what black america is feeling, and perpetuated that feeling with forward thinking of a sound mind. Listen below and drop a comment on what you think. 


“I’ve done my homework and I’m my zone.” – Closer 



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