WK: NZM DROPS “Live Styles of the Pitch and Ranges intro” (LISTEN NOW)

14720419_10210144586347357_8738942379300412069_n.jpgIn a time in America where we recognize the cards on the table and the need for change in our world, N Z M is releasing the introduction of his upcoming project, ‘Live Styles of the Pitch and Ranges’! The track features quotes from Yasiin Bey as well as Pastor Rick Warren in a message urging us all to be aware of our surroundings and what we can provide as a solution for social disparities. 

‘Live Styles of the Pitch and Ranges’ focuses on the duality of establishing a career and a message while respecting the art form and culture of one’s craft.


About NZM:

NZM is a soulfully talented music producer and sound engineer from Orlando, FL. Maintaining a distinctive, jazzy hip hop feel, NZM has taken the local music scene by storm, contributing his talents to Colours of the Culture to shape the aesthetic of notable Orlando artist NIKO IS as well as other up and coming lyricists and vocalists in the area. A graduate of the Audio Recording Technology Institute, NZM’s proficiency in mixing, mastering, sound design is a stand out quality in addition to his stellar production skills.


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