By: Alma Hill (@_missnomer)

Listening to Tampa Rapper, Rowtch, makes me reflect on why it’s so important to support local talent. Our west-coast neighbor gets barely any indie love; the Amalie Arena attracts the best shows, but their local scene manages to stay almost TOO local. It’s rare to see an artist traverse the I-4 corridor chasing music dreams.

Check out the video for  Push To Start,the newest visual to be relased by by Roach, the rare traveler. Although the artist and his crew seem to be relatively new to the game, their dedication to their craft, and the level of , and talent they have makes it apparent they’re  here to stay. The single is off of his latest mixtape Motor Mouth.

The 3 min long freestyle-flow track is fire. Added kudos for a video that is quality but simple;  you can’t look away, but the frame is tight on the artist’s face. The result: you’ll never miss a beat when it comes to the lyrics. In this case, the close, almost intimate nature of the video highlights Rowtch in a way that makes you want to see more. This format works perfectly for the developing artist, as it give his raw bars a chance to really hit.

His unique sound and swag earned him a spot opening for Joey Badass in 2015. As he drops his latest track, it’s apparent that he has grown as an artist. His sound has matured, his cadence clearer. His unique vibe and ability to spit in a style we don’t hear very often make us excited for what he’s still got in him.

So we’re gonna keep listening. We’re going to follow him on SoundCloud, and keep up with his social media. He’s our neighbor, a dope one at that. His grind deserves our support, and his music earns it. And, if he blows up and releases a new video on Revolt in a few years, we want to look back and say “I remember when” like we did with another future local legend.

Because, when it comes to local artists, we remember that every hero has a hometown.


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