Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 2.42.42 PM.pngComing hot of A3C festival in the ATL, Otown Marco has not let off the gas. Today he drops a crazy house party visual for his second single “Blitz,” from his upcoming project “Marco Season.” It’s no secret that this track is in constant rotation at the Wordkrush office, and fan favorite of Brittany Elyse and DJ MK. During our interview with the rising artist he describes “Blitz”  as “All Vibes, Im still just getting older and learning, so I never try to get too, too deep, I just represent my self through my songs.”

Directed by Nassacre,  the visual doubles as a chill party vibe with Marco front and center, while emphasizing the theme of his lyrics as Orlando, Florida’s premiere hip-hop artist on the rise. It’s no coincidence the #1 Hardaway Magic jersey wearing rapper, can take a party from 0 to 100 real quick as we witnessed at his TSA Presents “Local To Global” Headline show. Confident in his craft, it won’t be long before Marco blows out of central Florida and takes his career worldwide. Peep cameos from Orlando rapper IEKNOWS, and Miami artist VNUSAMR, who join the turn up, off of “Blitz Vodka.”

Watch Blitz below and make sure you know its #MarcoSzn

“We created the beat and I wrote Blitz in less than a day, I think that was just the vibe and how freely the song came together. I wanted to give people something that had a chill party vibe musically and represent that the video, but Blitz also serves as a reintroduction to my fans, prepping them for my next wave of music.” – Otown Marco (age 19)

For more, visit otownmarco.com 



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