Kadeem “ArrogantWatcher” Cobham is a photographer based out of the Space Coast with a concentration on street/landscape, portrait, concert and brand photography. Starting out with an iPhone 4s in 2013, the 25-year-old photographer has manifested his love for photography as it grew from hobby to passion to a full time job as a freelance photographer sharing his vision to a number of different areas of the art. His approach with urban/street photography is unlike anyone else as he focuses on the little details of his surroundings with architecture and people in different cities that he develops into a visual piece of work. Exploring alley ways, roof tops, abandoned buildings and the streets of various places.

Asides venturing through the streets of various cities, he also has shoots portraits, concert, and brand photography as he incorporates his style to various areas of his craft. He was named Thumbtack’s “Best of 2015” Photographer in the Orlando area (even though he isn’t from the city).



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