WK: Stefon4U “No Emotion” (Watch Now) 

Stefon4U  is starting off the year strong with  his new music video “No Emotion.” After landing a legendary role in the Tupac Biopic “All Eyez On Me” to portray someone that was a piece of his artistic blueprint, “Puff Daddy”. All of this while working musically with Legendary producer “Teddy Riley”, His Manager “Yung Joc” and more on his National Debut as an artist.

An amazing songwriter, and producer, actor, with a Nostalgic sound that draws everyone’s ear instantly. Every few years you see that artist that you can look at an instantly tell he’s going to be around for a while, This is Stefon4u.

His star quality matched with his relentless drive shows it. Between His Debut EP Krack The Internet debuting #38 on ITunes top R&B Albums independently, the movie, this undeniable sound he has and his addictive charismatic charm. It will become impossible not to hear about Stefon4u. Get Ready World Cause the era of Stefon4u has arrived.


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