WK : New Music From Gabriel ” I Wish I Knew”

screen-shot-2017-01-16-at-2-29-23-pmWe recently ran across an artist by the name of Gabriel who just dropped a brand new track titled “I Wish I Knew”, the song itself has an R&B feel but throughout the song you can hear Gabriel exhibit his ability to spit some very intricate rhymes. The beat that Gabriel is speaking over remains very soft and subtle until about 27 seconds in when he exclaims “There’s a fine line to be walking sunny” he follows up with “on the other side the grass is greener I done smoked it I can’t lie”.

The lyrics of the song will make you think about that one time you ended up in an uncomfortable situation with a past love leaving you wondering “what it do?”. Catch Gabriel hitting the TSA stage for the first time on Monday January 30th, the performance will be located downtown Orlando at Backbooth bar and is guaranteed to be one worth coming out for.

Check out Gabriel’s “I Wish I Knew” video below.



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