WK : New Release By Kaiydo “Jumpin” Prod. by Josh December


Kayido releases a new track on January 6th titled “Jumpin” following behind his song “Fruit Punch” which was released back in November, the song brings a completely different sound to the table, it features a very upbeat tempo that will have you “jumpin” way before Kaiydos’ fire lyrics come blazing though the speakers. The song will be the last song to be featured on his debut demo project “Colors & Sound” and is said to be dedicated to Kaiydos’ new found success, which adds sensibility to the lyrics “girl how you doing, oh I feel amazing” he then follows up by letting her know “Let your hair down, its a celebration.” With “fruit punch” being a success he has his hopes set high that “Jumpin” will follow in its tracks and it is well on its way there.

Kayido has a lot to celebrate coming in to this new year, with the completion of his demo project and now the anticipation of his debut mixtape titled “Kartoons” which is scheduled to be released sometime this year, the future looks bright for this up and coming Orlando artist. Listen to “Jumpin” in the link below and check out Kayidos’ website which features his project “Colors & Sound“.






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