WK: Taraji P Henson Nominated for Satellite Award 2017 “Hidden Figures”


Taraji P Henson, a name that we know all to well across every house hold in America, is up for a Satellite Award once again for her work done on the recent film “Hidden Figures.” Henson stars alongside Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae in “Hidden Figures.” And Now you’ve heard it straight from us the movie is worth seeing. Based on a true story the movie is about three African-American women who took NASA by storm back in the 1960’s. The three women Kathrine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson were the brains and driving force behind one of Americas proudest moments. The launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit and the making him the first American in space.

The movie itself embodies the power we all exhibit when we pull together for a common cause. It also shows that no matter the obstacle not even the sky can limit the heights we can reach it if we would only dare to dream big enough. The performance put on by Henson in this movie is one that we would expect from the multi award winning actor. From winning her first award back in 2006 for her work done in “Hustle and Flow,”she has since then brought home over 20 awards and has been nominated 59 times for various awards thoughout her career. Below you can view the trailer for “Hidden Figures” and if you haven’t been on a date in awhile this movie makes for the perfect date night.


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