WK : Joey Bada$$ Releases New Track”Land of The Free”Produced by Adam Pallin & Kirk Knight.

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Joey Bada$$ dropped a new track titled “Land of The Free” which is to be featured on his sophomore studio album “AABA”. The track emphasizes on Joeys views of the up and coming presidential inauguration and by the lyrics he spit on this track it is truly not hard to tell that he is not too fond of the idea of having Trump in the White House.

The track features a melody like beat but Joey brings all the fire needed as his spits lyrics so hot that you just cant help but feel where his is coming from “Obama just wasn’t enough I need some more closure” right after that you can hear the displeasure in his voice as he says “Donald Trump is not equip to take this country over”.

Joey goes so deep into what he is feeling on this track that this is probably one that will not be hitting radio airways because of how controversial it is, at one point on the track he even says “We still have the last names of our slave owners” nevertheless the song is definitely one worth checking out, it shows just how talented of an artist Joey has become and how versatile he can be.

Check out Joey Bada$$ new track “Land of The Free” by clicking the link below!



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