WK : New EP Release By BlackBear “Cashmere Noose”


The well known rapper, singer, song writer BlackBear is back at it again. Have you heard his latest EP “Cashmere Noose”. The young creative debuted his latest record on Orlando’s 104.5 The beat “Doe Rae Me” with DRoyale on the Top 8 At 8. BlackBear originally made his way onto the scene for his work done on the song “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber, which landed number two on the Billboard Hot 100 back in 2012, he alongside three other writers were single handedly responsible for the success of this song. After the success of “Boyfriend” BlackBear went on to reinvent himself from a rock singer/song writer to an R&B/rap artist and released his first EP titled “The Afterglow” in 2014.

Check out BlackBear tonight downtown Orlando at Venue 578, where you can catch him preform “Doe Rae Me” Live for the first time.

Listen to BlackBears’ new EP “Cashmere Noose” below.



Shout out to our Family over at Plush Studios:




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