WK : Kanye West Schedules “Yeezy” Fashion Show During New York Fashion Week


Kanye West schedules Yeezy fashion show during New York fashion week without first consulting those in charge of the events, according to president and CEO of CFDA (Council Of Fashion Designers Of America) Steven Kolb , this is not the first time the rapper has put his self on the fashion week line up, causing chaos during an already busy time. Steven states that “Not going through the proper channels is disruptive to the whole week and unfair to designers” whom apparently go through extensive procedures to secure their spot in one of the biggest fashion events to take place in the states throughout the year. Kanyes show was scheduled to overlap with designer Marchesas showcase on Feb. 15 at 5 p.m, upon learning about the conflict he moved his show from 5 p.m to 2 p.m stating that “he had no intention of showing on top of another designer”, New York Fashion Week has been dealing with Kanyes ego since 2015 hopefully the rapper will soon learn that even celebrities need to follow certain rules and procedures.

Check out the link below to catch up on what Kanye has been up to in the fashion world.


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