WK : New Trailer Released for Missy Elliott Documentary


This year is promised to have some big things happen in Hip Hop and one thing we can now look forward to is a documentary surrounding the stardom of Missy Elliott, following the release of her new video/single “I’m Better” the trailer hit the internet on January 26th. There has not been any information released on when the primer will happen, what the name of the documentary will be or even what channel viewers will be able to catch it on but one thing we can tell you is that is will be laced with some of Hip Hops most influential people, in the trailer alone you can catch a glimpse of Busta Rhymes and Pharrell singing Missys praises for her unique style and creativity. There will always be MCs in the game but if you want to be the best you should practice studying the best and Missy still holds the title of one of the best female MCs thus far, we encourage future MCs to check out the documentary when it hits and we will keep you up to date on the pending release dates.

Check out the trailer for Missy Elliott’s Documentary below.



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