WK : Tommy Hilfiger and Hip-Hop

The Los Angeles Dream Dinner Benefiting The Martin Luther King Junior Memorial

Tommy Hilfiger has always had a on and off relationship with Hip-Hop yet he claims that music will always be at the center of his brand, growing up in New York Hilfiger is no stranger to the music scene, as a teen he played in a rock band and started in fashion by purchasing bell bottoms and other rock attire. During the early 2000’s Hilfiger had a falling out with Hip-Hop which started because of a rumor stating that he had told Oprah Winfrey he didn’t want black people wearing his clothes , this was odd because Hilfiger had featured black artist like Usher and Aaliyah in multiple clothing campaigns. Entering into 2007 Hilfiger was finally able to address these rumors during an interview with Oprah. Though put to rest, the rumors resurfaced in 2014 after an interview with  Bloomberg News where he stated that collaborating with the Hip-Hop community in the 90s “fueled growth but took us away from our roots.” Hilfiger would later have an interview with Billboard clarifying that what he was saying was the brand “shouldn’t just be one thing. It’s all about pop culture. It’s hip-hop, rock, Hollywood, the entertainment world. I wouldn’t want only to be known for [rock style] either.”

Hilfiger has worked with a lot of Hip-Hop artist recently and is even working on a collaboration with Rihanna for her Monster World Tour, I think it is safe to say Tommy is back in for this up and coming summer and I am glad to hear it because I just purchased a few items myself !

Checkout the “Tommy Hilfiger” website using the link below !

Tommy Hilfiger Store


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