WK : Fashion And It’s Political Voice


Fashion has always been influenced by what’s happening in the culture around it and with all of the chaos surrounding the new president and his decision making New York Fashion week became the perfect time for designers to make their political stance known. Nicholas K had a few of their models accessorized with black or gold berets, caps worn by black panthers back in the 90s, the brand designer says “The ’90s was a decade promising communal diversity and unity,”.

Rebecca Minkoff gave a message of female empowerment during her show in L.A as models walked to Milck and backup singers as they serenaded the crowd with the song “Quiet” , the unofficial anthem of the women’s march held in Washington D.C right after Donald Trumps election.

The CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) teamed up with planned parenthood to raise awareness for the organization by passing out pink buttons that sported the words “Fashion Stands with Planned Parenthood” which designers could pass out for models to wear during their runway walks. The president of CFDA, Steven Kolb, released a statement saying that “Civic responsibility is an important CFDA pillar,”.


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