WK : Corey. J “Positive Hip-Hop”


Corey J. is a ten year old rapper who hopes to shine a positive light on Hip-Hop , born in Huston Texas but now living in Jackson Mississippi, Corey also known as Lil C Note has built quite a buzz in the Atlanta scene. Corey wrote his first song at age six titled “Crayons” but developed his love for music well before then, his father would allow him to tag along on studio trips which is where the young artist decided this would be the route he would also pursue. Currently in the 5th grade Corey has already received endorsements from some of Hip-Hops heavy hitters like CEO of Cash Money Records Birdman and rapper  Young Thug, he has currently sold more than 250,000 CDs in the last four years with that number consistency rising.

Corey travels the world showcasing his talent with his father Cornell Jackson by his side, whom of course couldn’t be prouder,  this just goes to show you that with a good support system and determination even a ten year old can bring home six figures.

Checkout one of his videos below!



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