WK : New Music Release Jack Juan “Remember” Produced By Criss Leger & Izzy Montanez


Born in Washington but now an Orlando native Jack Juan is an on the rise artist that should be watched closely. Jack brings a burst of energy and authenticity to any and every project he produces or is featured on, his recent release “Remember”  is an example of that authenticity. The beat on this track is a simple piano-drum combination in the beginning allowing you to truly appreciate the lyrics and transparency of the song, it will have you wondering if that one person is still thinking of you, as the song develops so does the beat going from a simple drum-piano combination to a symphony of melody like tones. “Remember” will have you hit replay over and over again as you admire the angelic voice of this talented artist who’s passion is promised to provide him with a successful 2017, well don’t take my word for it check out the song and video for “Remember” below.

Click below to hear Jack Juan “Remember” produced by Criss Leger & Izzy Montanez.


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