WK : The Kennedy Center Embraces Hip Hop


“Simone Eccleston on the left”

The John F Kennedy Center for the Preforming Arts has announced that starting March 13th Simone Eccleston will take on the director of Hip-Hop culture position, making her the first to hold such a position at the preforming arts center . Eccleston has a history of working with Hip-Hop programs making her the perfect person for the job, she previously worked as the director of programming for Harlem Stage. The Kennedy Center has been working on growing their Hip-Hop program since bringing on Q-Tip, member of A Tribe Called Quest, as an artistic director for Hip-Hop last year, Q-Tip and Eccleston will work side by side in bringing the Hip-Hop Culture to Kennedy. The past few months has produced a lot of forward progress for Hip-Hop as it is starting to be accepted in many forums as a culture to be taken seriously.

Below is a Link to the list of up and coming Hip-Hop events at The John F Kennedy Center.

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts


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