WK : Chance The Rapper Shows How Much Childhood Education Means to Him

Chance-the-rapper-on-gma-aug-2016-billboard-1548Chance has had his name on the tip of everyones tongues for a while now and he just keeps giving us reasons to talk, according to recent press releases Chance has been talking with the governor of Chicago about making a change in the public school system in his home town. After a recent sit down with Gov. Rauner Chance was confronted by a mob of reporters waiting to see how the sit down went, Chance expressed his frustrations to them stating that Gov. Rauner had asked him where $129 million would come from (speaking on  a bill that should have been signed back in November that would give $215 million to the cities public schools to help catch up on bills). The bill was replaced with a $129 million CPS Budget Deficit after the original bill was vetoed, Chance spoke out while being caught off guard by the press and stated that Gov. Rauner needed to “do his job”.

Not long after, Chance held a press conference at Westscott Elementary School announcing that he will be donating $1 million to Chicago public schools and also stated that him and Common will hold a meeting with each other to discuss further funding, Chances believes that “Our kids should not be held hostage because of political positions,”. Way to go Chance !

Checkout some of the press conference in the video below.


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