WK : John.K New Track Release “Runnin”

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 10.46.09 PM

New fire from John.K titled “runnin”  fresh on the press starting today for your listening pleasure and I will say this just so you can get an idea on how fire this is, his voice in its entirety will remind you of a young Robin Thicke. The electricity this song embodies will give you goose bumps and have you “Runnin” to hit replay,  John.K is fresh off of a west coast tour where he was out building friction and putting static in the air for the shockwave that is “Runnin”.  Though the song is upbeat and electric it does not neglect to give you a kick of soul that some might be surprised to receive on a track like this, the song is built around the thoughts of a former love as John is left wondering what they are thinking about , could her thoughts be of a new lover? I can honestly say that I have a new favorite song, well I don’t want to give you all the details I want you to take a listen!

Checkout John.K “Runnin” Below


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