WK : Queen of Rap or Queen of Wack ?


We are still awaiting the moment that many have predicted would come after Remy Ma dropped her diss record “Shether” directed to Nicki Minaj, many radio personalities predicted that if Nicki didn’t come back and come back hard it would be the end of her career. Nicki has been in the game since 2007 and has been one of the biggest influences for women in Hip-Hip since then, her response came on a record featuring Drake and Lil Wayne titled “No Frauds” many people shamed her for not coming back with as much intent to kill as Remy did when she dropped “Shether”.

The world was waiting to hear from Nicki so shortly after the release of “No Frauds” it begin climbing charts across the world, along with two other songs recently released by the artist “Changed It” and “Regret In Your Tears” making all of her songs land within the top 10 on iTunes. Nicki Minaj will spend the weeks following the diss track release enjoying Paris fashion week as she breaks records across the nation, she has become the first women to have 76 Billboard Hot 100 entries, surpassing the great Aretha Franklin herself. In more recent news it was announced that she has officially signed a modeling contract with Wilhelmina, seems like she had every right to be unbothered by all the buzz and “end of her career talk’’ that had been filling the airways.

What do you guys think ? is Nicki still the queen of rap or is she now the queen of wack for not responding differently? whatever you may think/feel she is definitely the queen of numbers because she is all over the charts.

While you’re here checkout the new video for “Make Love” the song that allegedly started it all.


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