WK: Rikers Island Soon To Meet Its End, Jay Z Fully Supports The Decision


Announced this past Friday by the mayor of New York City Bill De Blasio the infamous prison Rikers Island would began the process of decomposing into a smaller prison system that would be borough based and cost approximately 10.6 billion dollars to create. The history of Rikers Island has been troublesome, not only for the inmates but for any and everyone that has daily dealings with the system, there has been countless federal investigations and protest of the Rikers Island due to the level of brutality that takes place behind the prison walls amongst inmates and the officers that watch over them. The mayors’ goal is to not only create a better jail system but to also put a stop to mass incarnation in New York City, the mayor spoke on creating a 10 year plan that would drop the numbers to 5,000 allowing inmates to cycle through jails within the city.

Jay Z fully supports and applauds this good news, the Hip-Hop mega star is releasing a six part documentary titled “TIME: The Kalief Browder Story”, a story surrounding a 16 year old boy whom was wrongfully in-prisoned on Rikers Island for three years with a bail set to $10,000, he was accused of stealing a backpack that ultimately turned out to be his own. Tragically in June of 2015, only two years after his release,  Kalief Browder ended up taking his own life due to ongoing depression he suffered because of the time spent on the island, Jay Z  felt strongly that this story would help save lives.

Check out the full Tweet from Jay Z Below.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 3.36.20 AM.png


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