WK : Kerry Washington And Viola Davis Start Individual Production Companies

Kerry Washington-Viola Davis
We all know Kerry Washington the star actress of the hit television series “Scandal”  and Viola Davis the leading lady in “How To Get Away With Murder” are both amazing actresses that will have you glued to the TV screen and sitting on the edge of your seat as you watch both of their shows air every Thursday night on ABC, what many don’t realize is how involved both women are in the African American communities. In April of 2016 these two ladies both signed their own individual deals with ABC Studios to produce new projects via their individual production companies, JuVee Productions  (owned by Viola) and Simpson Street (owned by Kerry). It is said that the reason for the birth of both production companies was to produce content that relates more to the multicultural world that us minorities live in, this is also a way to secure a “seat at the table” as Kerry Washington put, giving them a chance to hire more ethnic cast and crew members . Simpson Street has since then let out its first in house production, “Confirmation” , we are still eagerly waiting to see what magic will truly come from these two productions companies but it is definitely time for us to start doing our own story telling.


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