WK: T.I. “US Or Else” Short Film


T.I has been know to voice his opinion when it comes to the things going on in politics, like back on March 15th when he boldly expressed his dislike for Donald Trump after Trump made a statement on Twitter about an extremely politically charged music video that was released by Snoop Dogg. Aside from speaking on politics he also has a soft spot for things that effect the African American community, the rapper recently released a short film titled “US Or Else” where he stars as three different members of the community (a police officer, a pastor and a hustler) in an attempt to show how the different members of the community handle the  wrongful death of a young black man.

Angela Rye a well known CNN commentator and black lives matter activist interviewed the artist to find out why he feels it is so important to speak out against the injustices that African Americans face on a day to day basis, she even asks if he feels like he is an activist for the community in which he expresses that “he has not done enough to be

considered a activist, he is simply just a concerned community member wanting to find a way to change things for the better” he also tells CNN “If you place any creature in such excruciating circumstances over periods and periods of time … after so long, they will be agitated and antagonized, It’s human nature, so to not expect that after the type of treatment that has been rendered is insane.”

I watched the special as it aired along side the interview with Angela Rye it is definitely worth setting the time aside to check it out.

Here is a Peak of what’s in store T.I “US Or Else”.

Donald Trump Tweets

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 4.10.46 AM


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