Cash Money Records, The Reason Why Hip Hop Is Materialistic Today ?

Cash Money Records was known as one of the biggest labels entering into the early 2000s , established in New Orleans one of the biggest Hip Hop influencers to come out of the label at that time was Lil Wayne, who introduced a entirely new sound to the world of Hip Hop. There were many artist who haled from the Cash Money Record empire however one in particular admits that he regrets the impact that him and his label mates had on the world of hip hop , Mannie Fresh appeared on “The Come Up'” show and discussed a new project that he had been working on, aside from speaking on the project he had some things to add about working within Cash Money Records.

Mannie states that unlike other artist of their time and even before them like N.W.A and Public Enemy who truly had a gift for rap, Cash Moneys Reputation was much more shallow and based off of looking flashy. The artist apologizes by saying “we never set out for hip-hop to turn into just something flashy — that was just our thing.”, later in the discussion he states that Cash Money Record became the driving force behind Hip Hops materialistic/flashy movement and while we agree that Hip Hop has become more about the fashion and finer things and less about the talent, is it possible to blame it just on one source?

Artist can only sell what consumers will buy, do you think we have become the issue by allowing the times to change music so drastically? is a catchy beat and a flashy chain more important than the words that are flooding your ears ? one this is for sure there is a lot of talented artist that deserve more recognition than the ones we hear on the radio.

Below you can checkout N.W.A’s music video for “Straight Out Of Compton” (Released in 1988)  and Cash Money Records “Bling Bling” Ft Baby, Lil Wayne and Mannie Fresh (Released in 1999) do you notice a difference ?


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