WK: 2 Chainz Turns His Trap House Into a HIV Clinic

2 Chainz Trap House in Atlanta has been gaining a lot of attention since the day it open. People from all over have been flocking to the rappers tricked out venue to take pictures of the tourist spot. Recently, local business around the structure have been complaining about it excistence, but that has not stopped the “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music” artist. With the lease coming to an end on July 6th, we hope that they extend the terms with the positive vibes they have been giving to the community. 

This past 4th of July, 2Chainz used the Trap House to raise community awareness. He transformed it into a HIV Clinic and called it “The Trap Clinic” . Opening its doors to the community to educate the people about the disease, and stress the importance of getting tested. The previous Sunday they held a church service for people to come and worship. 

Pastor Michael Wortham told Fox 5 Atlanta, “We can’t listen to the music without really addressing the systemic issues and the systematic oppression that causes the trap to even exist, So that’s the reason we pulled together ‘Trap Church’ is to really to talk about the other side of the trap, to talk about how we as a community have a responsibility to come together and help our brothers and sisters who are facing these tough situations.”


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