WK : Your IT Manager Isn’t Who He Seems To Be !


Lately there has been a series of videos released of an older white man mouthing the words to rap songs produced by artist like Plies and Kodak Black with muscle cars, plastic cups and women alongside him, we all have the same question, who is this guy ? I can officially answer that question, meet Bruce Martin Ryan a 58 year old Florida Bankers Association IT Manager who is better known on the weekends as “OG Magnum” or “Savage Grandpa”.

Now I know you’re wondering how this grandpa became savage in the first place right ? well it seems this grandpa was savage way before the viral videos, he is the president and CEO of the Florida Custom Car Association and has had a love for loud music and tricked out rides since he was a kid growing up in Fort Lauderdale, the spike in attention he has been receiving happened because he was recently featured in Plies new music video “Real Hitta”  and the internet has been having a frenzy with all of his posts since then.

Checkout Plies music video to “Real Hittas” below as well as a video of “Savage Grandpa” doing what he does best, being savage.



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