WK : Have You Forgotten About Rick Ross? VH1 Hasn’t!


VH1 has recently announced that it will be dropping a new 8 episode series titled “Signed”. The new Hip Hop series is purposed to put some of the dopest artist in the United Sates in front of 3 industry power houses Rick Ross, The Dream and Roc Nations Senior VP Lenny S, for a chance to be “Signed” to one of three labels The Dreams Radio Killa Records, Ricks Rosses Maybach Music or Jay Zs’ Roc Nation. Throughout the series the three vets will pass on industry knowledge and experiences to help the artist prepare for the challenges and eliminations that they will face while trying to win the golden goose (a record deal) Ross says he wants to see one thing in particular,“I need to see your hunger. If you fall down, are you going to get back up and be hungry? Will you refuse to lose? That’s what I’m looking for.” we definitely agree that losing should never be an option.

Ross believes that no matter what you do, following your heart will grant you the keys to success.

Checkout the clip below where you can catch The Dream, Rick Ross and Lenny S dropping industry knowledge during a promo video for “Signed”.



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